Learners We've Passed

During his 8 years as a driving instructor Mike has experienced a very high pass-rate, with many of his pupils passing their driving test first time. Below you can read some of the comments that have been made by pupils who've successfully learnt to drive with MA Driving...

Ingvild from Bergen, Norway

* I really enjoyed learning to drive with Mike. I was a bit nervous in the beginning since I had done a bit of driving previously in Norway and had to drive on the other side of the road, but Mike helped me and it was no problem in the end. I ended up passing my test 1st time, so I would recommend mike to other Norwegians coming to Cardiff to study and of course anyone else looking for an instructor. *

Ingvild from Bergen, Norway

Bruk from Grangetown

* I passed with Mike 2 years ago 1st time and with only one minor fault. I also went back to Mike to help me pass my Taxi test and I passed that 1st time as well. I was very happy with Mike's instruction and I trusted him to get me through both tests. I'm now a qualified taxi driver. I have recommended Mike to many friends and they all agree that he is an excellent teacher. *

Bruk from Grangetown, Cardiff

* I had a great time learning to drive with Mike (MADriving) and I would highly recommend him to anyone wishing to learn to drive. I've had a few different instructors over the years (I gave up for a few years) and Mike was the best by a clear mile. Very patient. Explains everything in detail so it sinks in better and then makes it easier to remember. But most importantly, doesn't get angry when you do a manoeuvre wrong unlike my old driving instructor! Mike is very easy to talk to and comes across more as a friend than your driving instructor which I think is very important to have when you're learning to drive. Even though I knew the basics on how to drive before meeting Mike, I have just passed my test with one minor on the first attempt after just five hours of lessons and I know this would not have been the case if Mike wasn't my instructor. The car (Fiesta Zetec S - Very sporty!) is stunning to drive and even better if you're trying to look after your pennies because Mike is the best value around! All-in-all, maximum recommendation all round. 10/10 THANK YOU MIKE! *

* Mike was a patient and calm instructor, this was exactly what I needed as I had a tendency to overreact. Mike always found space in his diary to fit me in every week, and I passed my test 1st time. *

Amalie from Llandaff, Cardiff

* Mike is an awesome instructor! I always enjoyed my driving lessons with him. Mike was always patient and calm when I didn't get things right 1st time. Mike taught me everything I needed to know about driving and I passed 1st time. I would recommend Mike to everyone. *

Lewys from Whitchurch, Cardiff

Nicky from Grangetown

* Learning to drive with Mike was great fun! Each lesson we had a good laugh, which made learning to drive much easier and more relaxed. Mike was very patient and had a good learning technique. I passed 1st time and would highly recommend Mike to anybody looking to drive! *

Nicky from Grangetown (Manc lad)

Malin from Bergen, Norway

* I enjoyed learning to drive with Mike! I was nervous at first but Mike made the whole learning process easy. Mike was calm and patient all the time and I would recommend him to everyone. I passed 1st time with only a few minor faults. *

Malin from Bergen, Norway

* It took me 16 years to finally decide to start driving and i went with MADriving... my driving instructor was Mike who is very professional/friendly and made learning to drive so much easier then i expected. i would recommend him to anyone who is looking to learn with a friendly instructor. He is very patient and calm and his explanations are clear and simple to understand. I passed 1st time thanks to Mike.

Thanks again Mike for getting me passed. You're a top man and it was a pleasure learning to drive with you. *

Kathryn from Penarth

* I must say i was a difficult student, i don't like making mistakes and found driving difficult, but Mike was patient with me and made me understand my mistakes until i changed my weak driving skills into my strong skills. Mike is also very flexible with lesson times and adjusts to everyone's time schedule, no matter if its 7am on a wednesday morning or late sunday evening. He is usually bang on time for lessons but if he was running 10 minutes late he would phone to let me know then give me the time back at the end of the lesson. I just passed my practical test with just 1 minor fault and recommend Mike for anyone who wishes to learn how to drive and pass with distinction. *

Janine from Ely, Cardiff

Christina from Bergen, Norway

* I was very happy with Mike as my instructor. He was very calm, patient and professional, which is what I needed. I passed my driving test 1st time with only a few minor faults. *

Christina from Bergen, Norway

Kylie from Ely

* Learning to drive with Mike was great fun. I really enjoyed doing my driving lessons with him, he is a really good driving instructor. I passed my test 1st time and would recommend him to anyone. *

Kylie from Ely, Cardiff

Tarak from Canton

* Thanks to Mike for getting me through my driving test first time. I was very nervous at the start, but Mike soon made me feel relaxed and by the end I was enjoying my driving lessons. He also taught my sister-in-law to drive and we will both be recommending him to others. Thanks Mike! *

Tarak from Canton, Cardiff

Emma from Rumney

* I enjoyed my driving lessons with Mike. We had a laugh and I found him easy to follow. I passed 1st time with only a few minor faults. I recommended MA Driving to my friends and when my friend started lessons we both received a free hour lesson. *

Emma from Rumney, Cardiff

* I was thrilled to pass 1st time thanks to Mike. I had a great learning experience and would highly recommend MADriving to anyone looking for lessons. Mike's instruction was clear and he was very patient with me when i was making lots of mistakes at the start. I passed with flying colours thanks to Mike. *

* I am really glad i learnt to drive with Mike. Thanks to him i passed my test first time and had fun doing so. Thanks Mike! *

Nathan from Barry

Mel from Llandaff

* I learnt to drive quickly because Mike's instruction technique was clear and concise. He was also patient, which allowed me to make mistakes and learn from them. My confidence and understanding grew and I passed first time! After my test I also did a Pass Plus course with Mike, which was useful and I enjoyed it. *

Mel from Llandaff, Cardiff

Abdul from Roath

* I've only been living in Cardiff for a short time, so I was scared to learn to drive here. My friends have all learnt to drive with Mike, so I thought I'd give him a go. He was a good instructor and I learnt very quickly. I ended up passing first time, because I was so well prepared by Mike. *

Abdul from Roath, Cardiff

* Just to say a big Thank you for everything you taught me. I couldn't have passed 1st time without you. *

Hannah from Wenvoe, Cardiff

* Thank you very much for all your help and patience, I am loving driving now, you are an amazing instructor. *

Sammy from Pentwyn, Cardiff

* Thank you so much, the world is now my oyster. *

Carolyn from Llanishen, Cardiff

* Thanks so much for teaching me to drive and getting me through my test, good luck with everything. *

Robyn from Penarth

* Just wanted to say thank you. My last instructor gave me a good start learning to drive, but you really helped me put it all together and improve my self confidence. All the best for the future. *


* At last I passed the driving test! I would like to say thank you for guiding and encouraging me and of course for putting up with me. I couldn't have done it without you! Thank you so much. *

Yasmeen from Grangetown, Cardiff

* Thank you for all your support and hard work helping me to drive and pass my test. *

Khairun from Grangetown, Cardiff

* Mike helped me and my sister both pass our driving test first time, was brilliant in every way and very easy to get along with. I would recommend mike to all of my friends. *

Kieron from Fairwater, Cardiff

* I passed my driving test with a CLEAN SHEET :-) Thanks to Mike! I would highly recommend Mike to anyone who wishes to learn driving. I used to drive a bit in India , but learning to drive in the UK required me to forget many of my driving habits and acquire fresh ones. Mike was very precise in identifying the points on which I had to focus. I appreciate his patience when he repeatedly pointed out my mistakes which helped me move towards perfection. I think this is one of the important qualities that a driving instructor has to possess. Also, Mike was always on time and never cancelled any class. He is a friendly person and I had fun during my lessons. All-in-All it was a good experience and of high value. *


* Michael Anderson is a truly amazing driving instructor, when my previous instructor left me in a terrible situation he was happy to help, no questions asked. I truly enjoyed lessons with Mike and although I didn't learn with him from the beginning of my driving career he improved my driving by a milestone, and made it possible for me to pass. He is a very friendly and helps to schedule lessons that suite both your timetable and his, I highly recommend MA driving school as I promise, you will not be let down. *